LGBTQ2S+ Inclusivity at Brooks – A Student Perspective


qathet Pride is sharing this study from 2020/2021. 

Capstone presentation created by Jordana Pangburn, a grade 12 student at Brooks Secondary School, with the guidance of Allison Burt, Jonathan Dyck and Willow Dunlop.

22 questions offered to all 776 students, with 420 responding: 

      • 54% of Brooks students in grades 8-12 responded 
      • In a class of 30 students 6.6 identify as LGBTQ2S+ 
      • 22% Do identify as LGBTQ2S+ (plus 11% unsure)
      • 39.5% Describe their sexual orientation as other than heterosexual
      • 16% Describe their gender as other than Cisgender 
      • When it came to Pronouns, 44.3% She/her/hers, 38.9% He/Him/his, 8% They/them/theirs, 5.2% Other, 3.7% Unsure. 
      • Pronouns do not always correspond with gender identity 
      • While 50% of LGBTQ2S+ and unsure students were comfortable being out at school, over 50% were uncomfortable discussing LGBTQ2S+ content is class or other students, more were comfortable discussing with teachers. 
      • 50% of students witnessed homophobia slurs at Brooks two or more times a week, and over 25% witnessed hurtful language daily. And almost 20% witnessed physical bullying twice a month or more.  Interestingly non-LGBTQ2S+ students observations measured almost identically. 
      • Where students say homophobic behaviour comes from : 40.7% report homophobic behaviour from staff, and 97% report homophobic behaviour from students. 
      • 20.5% students report that staff never intervene. And 29.3% say staff are sometimes homophobic when they do, so over 50% don’t bother reporting homophobic behaviour. 
      • 33.8% say interventions were not at all effective. 
      • 69% of students report that NO LGBTQ2S+ content was covered in the past school year, 3% report being portrayed negatively and 28% report being portrayed positively 
      • 35.5% of LGBTQ2S+ students completely disagree that they are satisfied with sexual health education. 
      • Thank you to Jordana and team for presenting the finding and recommendations to Brook, Mayor and Council. 

How are your youth doing in school and after school… are you supportive and aware ? 

The full report can be view here